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Apple’s New Privacy Update — How Your Business Should Adapt In 2021

Apple is coming out with new privacy updates, which Facebook is pretty upset about.

This update is related to their latest operating system, iOS 14. With this update, users will be able to block the IDFA identifier at the app level. It means that apps will be required to ask for users’ permission to collect and share data. It is expected that this change will happen in all Apple products.

This is a practical implementation of Apple’s belief that privacy is a user right. And they seem quite serious about it. …

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Imagine this scenario:

You want a quick solution to a problem. So you open your internet browser and search for it. But you land on a hideous website.

Graphics are irrelevant, the site is very difficult to navigate, and you see too many pop-ups.

What do you do? You leave the website in no time.

Most people would do that!

Imagine if the situation were different! If the website had simple (even if not the most beautiful graphics) and user-friendly navigation, you might have stayed there for a longer time.

This can lead to long-term relationships. For example, inspired by a good UI design, a user might spend several minutes on your website reading about your business. …

WooCommerce — 5 Reasons You Should Use It
WooCommerce — 5 Reasons You Should Use It
WooCommerce — 5 Reasons You Should Use It

During the pandemic, many businesses saw a downfall. But the ones who were internet-based flourished.

The reason is that customers are appreciating the importance of online shopping. I’m not against brick and mortar businesses. If that’s your thing, stick to it. I’m just saying that if you are not moving your business online, you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

During the lockdown, there are plenty of restrictions on physical stores. Either most stores around the globe are closed or have limited availability due to social distancing. So having an online store is great. …

The Top 5 Project Management Websites For 2021
The Top 5 Project Management Websites For 2021
The Top 5 Project Management Websites For 2021

Getting things done faster with less effort has been a priority of business owners and managers for a long time. Project managers want to assign tasks to their team members and then track their progress with ease.

Some people say that it’s enough to have a journal for project management. I’m afraid I have to disagree with that because it’s hard to finish tasks and track the progress that way, especially as you scale your business. Therefore, I recommend you to switch to a website as soon as possible.

But when it comes to project management websites, there are plenty of options to choose from. That’s why I’ve boiled down the list to only five websites. My guide shows how to select a project management website for your business and the five best options out there. …

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SEO Silos — What They Are and How to Create Them on Your Website

The top 3 Google search ranking factors are links, content, and RankBrain (a machine learning technology to help deliver search results). All of these factors are important, and I have emphasized the importance of each one in the past. But there’s more to SEO than these factors.

If you want to get the best SEO for your website, you have to dig deeper. You need to look at the factors that most people are not paying attention to. Only this way, you’ll have a competitive advantage.

I cover these kinds of topics on my blog. These topics are more like subtopics. Some people don’t even consider these things and expect to get rankings on the first page of Google. But when these things add up, they have a huge effect on your website’s overall SEO. …

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LinkedIn Ads — How to Optimize Your Ads on This Platform

LinkedIn offers millions of professionals who are ready to purchase useful products. The platform boasts twice the buying power of the average web audience that shows the eagerness of its users. Whether it’s a SaaS product for their team or a corporate training course, they don’t want to miss any opportunity to grow.

I don’t mean to sound condescending, but this is the difference between a professional and an average person. People on Linkedin mean business. That’s why 4 out of 5 Linkedin members drive business decisions.

They don’t think twice before purchasing something that can help them grow. Compare this to the average buyer who has many concerns before they buy something. …

The Soap opera Email Sequence — Hook your Potential Customers
The Soap opera Email Sequence — Hook your Potential Customers
The Soap opera Email Sequence — Hook your Potential Customers

Hook your Potential Customers — The Soap opera Email Sequence

Every time I hear that email marketing is dead, I find it pretty funny. I see businesses making high profits using this channel every day. But every once in a while, I see some random person on the internet claiming that email marketing is long-gone.

Almost half the population of the world uses email. This marketing channel has the potential of bringing a staggering ROI of 4400%. Imagine that every 1$ spent would bring $42. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Read my full guide on email marketing.

Also, read how I generated thousands of email subscribers organically.

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WordPress Plugins — Steal My Top Plugins For 2021

Have you recently set up your WordPress website and want to grow its performance. Or are you a seasoned marketer who already knows the importance of plugins? Well, look no further because I’ve got you covered.

From SEO to social media to website speed, you need plugins to grow a website. Without these tools, you’ll be lost on the internet.

So to guide you through the crazy online world, I’m discussing my top 5 WordPress plugins for 2021. With over 50,000+ WordPress plugins to choose from, I’ve picked just 5.

Read on to find out why!

Top 5 WordPress Plugins


In my opinion, it’s the best security plugin for WordPress sites. This simple tool protects from hacks and malware that has become one of the major concerns of online businesses. …

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LinkedIn Marketing — How to Navigate This Platform In 2021

“Do business where the business is done.” This is what LinkedIn claims, and they are right about it. On this huge platform, thousands of professionals are ready to take action on the right products. This makes it a great place to promote business.

LinkedIn is like Instagram for business. Whether it’s posting jobs, creating a meaningful network, following new industry trends, or promoting your products, LinkedIn marketing offers you a pool of professionals that are ready to be your recurring customers.

These things make Linkedin unique. People who join LinkedIn are related to business one way or another. They are constantly seeking solutions to their business problems. …

Five Free Social Media Marketing Tools — Grow Your Business in 2021
Five Free Social Media Marketing Tools — Grow Your Business in 2021
Five Free Social Media Marketing Tools — Grow Your Business in 2021

If you are new to social media marketing, you might think you can manage it easily. You might also believe that you can get away with just a few Google searches and a word processing file. Well, that might help you in the start, but if you plan to dominate on social media, you need to use a few tools.

Today, I will give you five free social media marketing tools to always have a competitive advantage on social media.

Let’s dive right into the list.

Five Free Social Media Marketing Tools

What if we told you that one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies, social media marketing, can be conquered for free. With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to dominate on social…


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