On page SEO and Off page SEO: Why Both Matter

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

All about On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

One thing every marketer is well aware of is the high competition in ranking on Google. With millions of websites offering similar products/services — it takes more than keyword stuffing to be on top. Why? Because Googles search engine algorithms are more advanced and improved today than ever before.

That means you have to improve your SEO techniques as well. Your SEO strategy is incomplete without On page SEO and Off page SEO. Not only are these two techniques the basics, but they also play a key role in getting you on top of Googles Search Results.

Most people, especially beginners don’t know the real meaning of these two SEO techniques. Moreover, another misconception about on page and off page SEO is that these are interchangeable terms. Well, that’s not the case! Keep reading this article to find out why.

On page SEO — The In’s & Outs:

This type of SEO includes meta description optimization, HTML, alt tags, title tags, as well as keyword usage. This SEO tactic optimizes the individual pages of a website as well as different aspects that affect page ranking.

The on page checklist involves:

  • Titles and title tags, social tags
  • Url structure
  • Page and page content loading speed
  • Headings including h1, h2, & h3.
  • Alt text images
  • Internal page linking
  • Schema markup
  • Page content, page experience, and mobile-friendliness

Off-page SEO

Off page tactics involve:

  • High-Quality content creation
  • Social media sharing of your content
  • Bloggers outreach via e-mails
  • Guest blogging/guest posts on websites similar to your site

Why On page SEO and Off page SEO Matter

If you want potential customers as well as search engine crawlers on your website/page, then ‘on-page’ is your option. On-page makes it easy for Googles search engine to index your website. Furthermore, it helps increase domain authority, and content navigation as well. In short, it’s the foundation for website optimization.

However, you can’t rely solely upon on-page. If you want to generate organic traffic on your website/page and convert your leads into customers, then off-page is a great tool. Back-links direct potential customers directly to your website, hence improving your odds of ranking.

The Off page, On page SEO One Two Combination

With improved Google search engine algorithms such as penguin, panda, pigeon, Hummingbird along with numerous version updates, relying on merely one technique is not wise. Not only do you need both of these techniques along with others such as organic SEO and local SEO — you also need to constantly improve the way you use these techniques.

Here are a few tips that can help you to improve:

Build A Foundation

Create Balance

Quality Matters Over Quantity

Maintenance Is Important

Content Is Still King

Commenting on other Blog Posts

Welcome Forum Discussions

Don’t Overlook The Keywords

The Secret to Successful SEO

The right, as well as an effective way, is to balance both SEO techniques. This combination acts as a ‘Bilingual’ feature for your website. People will understand your website better, as well as search it much easier.

That’s all about these forms of SEO, what do you think of both these techniques? Do you believe that both of these are equally important? What SEO techniques do you guys use to optimize your website/page? Please share your thoughts and suggestions with me in the comments!

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