Hunter.IO — How To Navigate This Platform In 2021

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4 min readApr 15, 2021


If you want to find and verify email addresses (specifically for business purposes), start using

Using this helpful tool, you can reach people who matter the most to your business. This might include talking to business owners, webmasters, and employees of a company. will also prove very handy in your B2B email campaigns.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t scrap thousands of emails. So if you are working on mass-email campaigns, can’t work for you.

So I’d assume you either read the above resources or have a good understanding of email marketing. Now let’s review I’ll talk about how to navigate this platform along with other information.

Ready? Let’s get to it. Email Finder

This tool is handy for recruiters, business owners, and professionals alike. It lets you:

  • Find Email addresses of your desired domain.
  • Find the Email address of any professional working in any company.
  • Verify any Email address.

This company started in 2015 intending to help professionals to create new connections with people around the world.

More than 2 million professionals are working on this tool today. They have a remote team that works from Europe, Asia, and America.​

What Is A Request On

A request on Hunter can be one of the following three things:

  • Request by domain to find email addresses of that domain. It is done through the Domain Search option. You just have to type the domain in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Request by full name and domain name to find the official email address of a particular professional working in a company. This request is done by the Email Finder option.

Request to verify an email address if it is deliverable or not. This is done using the Email Verification option.​

How do they find emails?

According to their data page, they find emails from the public web. The data it offers has disclosed public sources. This involves daily analysis of millions of web pages to get the most up-to-date data.

They crawl 210K web pages every minute and have indexed 101M professional email addresses. This means that the search for emails is not real-time: the platform offers emails that match the website you searched from its database. Data that has private and undisclosed sources are removed.

Price Plans And Chrome Extension

The free plan offers you 50 searches and 50 verifications per month. However, if you want more data, go with a paid version. There are no discount codes or coupons for paid versions, so you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.’s Chrome extension is handy. Although it doesn’t offer anything more than the website, it gives you emails for whatever website you’re on. So you may want to install it for ease.​

What Are The Pros Of

Email Verification Is Amazing

You can test it. Just put a valid email and an invalid email in the Email Verifier option. It will let you know which one is valid and can be used safely. If you have used other paid services like Mailboxlayer, you’ll find that it’s equally good.

It offers a free cold email campaign manager

The platform introduced a feature for sending cold email campaigns in 2020. This offers a great value because mostly, you will have to use a paid tool like Mailshake for this purpose. Although it’s not the same as Mailshake, it’s really good for a free tool.

It helps you find leads for big companies

If you want to target companies like Microsoft, this tool can be of great help. It gives you the results of different departments so you can contact people according to your requirements.

It tells you about where it found the email

Sometimes, it will go to the company’s website to find emails. From major websites to obscure pages, it scraps the internet. And finally, it gives you the URL where it found the email.

It can return a lot of information about the email owner

In some cases, it will give you the full name, the department they work in, and a social media profile of the email owner.

What Are The Cons Of

It Doesn’t Work With LinkedIn

Unfortunately, you can’t use it with LinkedIn. The reason is that LinkedIn has policies against scraping tools. But don’t worry: if a professional has provided their email on LinkedIn, they must be elsewhere on the internet. will find them for you.

It doesn’t work with free emails like

If you want to find out email addresses like, it won’t help you.

It doesn’t search specific pages for emails

It will help you only if you want to find emails belonging to a whole domain.

Final Words

Do you want to find professional emails for your B2B campaigns? Or do you want to verify the email addresses of a domain or company? lets you do that in seconds. With a free account, you can do 50 searches per month.

It does make your life easier as it makes the complex task easy so that you can find the email addresses of a domain in just half a second.

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And let me know if you have any questions about this tool.