A/B Testing: A Beginner’s Guide

What Is A/B Testing and Why Does it Matter?

How Does A/B Testing Work?

Why Is A/B Testing Important?

  • You get to know your target audience: A person without the knowledge of their target audience has nothing to do with marketing. They may excel at another field. But marketing is not for them. With A/B testing, one gets insights into who your audience is and what they want.
  • Higher conversion rates: These tests can help with what types of emails, headlines, and other features your audience responds to. It’s probably the most effective way to increase conversion rates.
  • Stay on top of changing trends: You can’t guess what people will respond to. Stop the guess work. Get down to testing.
  • Reduce bounce rates: If people like what they see, they’ll stay on your site longer. That means low bounce rates.

A/B Testing Checklist to Get Started

  • Decide what feature you want to test.
  • Create two versions of the same ad, landing page, app, etc.
  • Decide how long your test will run. I suggest at least two weeks, but it may be longer or slightly shorter depending on your traffic and industry.
  • Choose a testing tool to help you run your test (more on that later).
  • Launch!
  • After a couple of weeks, take a look at the results. Which version won?
  • Rinse and repeat. A/B testing is most effective when done continually.



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