Best Email Autoresponders for Your Business Today
Best Email Autoresponders for Your Business Today

This article will give you a guaranteed way to get more of your emails read. I have gone through different email autoresponder software and compiled the list of the best ones out there.

But first, let see why you should invest in an autoresponder.

An email autoresponder is an essential tool for implementing a good strategy. If you have been cold emailing and not getting any results, all you need is a trusted provider to get you in the inbox.

It helps you with welcome emails, milestone celebrations, upsells, and more. The bottom line is this: Whether you…

Best Free Web Hosting Websites

Humans tend to go for free stuff. While it seems like a good deal for our wallets, it’s not worth it in the long run.

In the case of website hosting, a free version is good if you want to run a test website. Or you don’t want much in return from a , or you are not investing any money at all.

But apart from that, a cheap website hosting plan is a practical option. Some of them start at $2.75 or even $1.39 / mo.

Let’s talk further about the limitations of free website hosting.

The Limitations of Free Website Hosting

If you go…

Best Places to Buy Your Website Domain

The online journey for most starts with having a website. And to have a website, you need a domain name.

A domain is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet. In simple words, it is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

ICANN is an organization that deals with domains. However, it doesn’t give domain names to people directly unless you have inside connections. It accredits other companies called Domain Name Registrars to sell domain names.

So in order to…

How to Launch Your Brand on Social Media?

Let’s talk about just one , Facebook, first. It has around 3 billion active monthly users. That means only one social media website has around half of this earth’s population.

So you know how important it is to have a presence on social media.

That said, launching your brand on social media can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking. You want to make sales as the result of a launch, right? Even if you are a non-profit, you need some form of action. Most probably, you want people to give you donations.

So you have to make an…

Micro Influencers — Should Your Business Use Them?
Micro Influencers — Should Your Business Use Them?

Driving traffic, leads, and sales are becoming tough each year. SEO requires months of hard work to show results. Paid ads work only if you have money to spend. Generating referrals is not as easy job as well.

So the most popular marketing tactics become out of reach for the average marketer. Even if you can achieve them, they require tons of effort and months of planning before you see results. But who would want to wait that long?

So, what should the average marketer do? He/she should work with micro-influencers.

As you know, is one of the…

The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare
The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare

Visualization can become a big difference between the internet and the physical world. We don’t have body language and social cues on the internet. One relies on visual content to communicate with an audience.

And when you add the fact that most of the content is text, its importance increases. You also have to consider audiences’ behaviors now. Not all people like to read an article like you’re doing now. They want visual content.

Now and then, you’ll come across a new platform that has great potential for marketing your services using visual content. SlideShare is one of them. …

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Compared by Blue Waves
Best WordPress Themes for Blogs Compared by Blue Waves

With more than just on ThemeForest, you have too many options to choose from. More options also mean that you have more chances of going wrong. At the end of the day, you have to choose just one.

As a beginner, you’ll be overwhelmed right now. Even if you are not a beginner, you want to look at the best themes without installing dozens of themes one by one.

I’m here to help you. Using my experience in WordPress, I’ll show you the seven best WordPress themes for blogs. These themes will be SEO-friendly and fast…

YouTube Stories — Is It Worth Using?
YouTube Stories — Is It Worth Using?

In this article, you’ll learn about the details of YouTube stories. We’ll talk about what they are, are they worth using, how to create them, and more.

First, let’s clear that they are not like Instagram stories. They use a different approach. Let’s learn more things you need to know about YouTube stories as a marketer.

What Are YouTube Stories

When they began to roll out in early 2018, they were first called . You will find similarities with Snapchat and other social media sites.

Now that they are fully out, you can create them if you have a YouTube channel with more…

How to Create a Facebook Contest

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the earth. Eleven years ago, David Fincher knew that it was going to be a global phenomenon. That’s why he made the movie, The Social Network, to show the complex beginnings of Facebook.

Fast forward to 2021, the platform boasts around 3 billion active monthly users. It’s creating engagement as no one else does. There are concerns if this much engagement is right or not. Sometimes, it raises questions about privacy.

Either way, this engagement is beneficial for businesses. They get a chance to take their business in front of

What to Expect From E-Commerce in the Next 12 Months?
What to Expect From E-Commerce in the Next 12 Months?

The previous year didn’t turn out to be how we have all expected. The rising COVID -19 situations affected us in every way possible, whether its communication, socializing, or business.

Every little ordinary task of our life was disturbing. And that was the last well-needed push for all of us to turn our attention to the benefits of remote shopping aka e-commerce.

That’s why 2020 turned out to be in the favor of . And even though some time has passed, the COVID has not taken a seat back.

Under these rising and falling COVID circumstances, the online business…

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